A list of everything I've ever written about Mr Darcy!

Darcy's Diary (hardback) / Mr Darcy's Diary (paperback). They are the same book. A retelling of Pride and Prejudice from Mr Darcy's point of view, ending five months after Elizabeth and Darcy's wedding.(Hardback 2005, published by Robert Hale Ltd; Paperback 2007, published by Sourcebooks)

Mr Darcy, Vampyre - a paranormal sequel to Pride and Prejudice. Nominated for the Jane Austen Award. (2009, published by Sourcebooks)

Just Deserts - a short story in the Loves Me, Loves Me Not anthology (2010, published by Mira)

Christmas Present - a novella containing the birth of the Darcys' first child in the A Darcy Christmas anthology (2010, published by Sourcebooks)

Wickham's Diary - a novella written from Wickham's point of view which explores the early relationship between Wickham and Darcy, starting when they are children and ending just before the opening of Pride and Prejudice (2011, published by Sourcebooks)

Mr Bennet Meets His Match - a short story about Mr and Mrs Bennet's courtship contained in the Jane Austen Made Me Do It anthology, including a brief mention of Mr Darcy as the story begins on Elizabeth and Darcy's wedding day. (2011, published by Random House)

Pride and Pyramids - a sequel to Pride and Prejudice (co-authored with Jacqueline Webb). Set fifteen years after the end of Pride and Prejudice, the Darcys are caught up in the Regency craze for Egyptology. They accompany Colonel Fitzwilliam's younger brother to Egypt, where they find buried treasure, unearth an ancient tomb and help to lay an ancient ghost to rest.(2012, published by Sourcebooks)

Dear Mr Darcy - a retelling of Pride and prejudice in epistolary form. (2102, published by Penguin)