General discussion notes for Amanda Grange's series of Jane Austen retellings

1) Do you think Jane Austen's books should be revisited for retellings, sequels etc?

2) What do you think of the diary format? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

3) Do you think the style of writing matches Austen's style?

4) Do you think the style of writing sounds like the hero in question?

5) Does the style change as the hero changes?

6) Does the book give you any new insights into any of the characters?

7) Which parts of the book did you enjoy most, the parts that showed the 'missing scenes' or the parts that retold scenes from the original?

8) Did your attitude to revisiting the classics change after reading the book?

9) Did reading the book make you want to read, or reread, the Jane Austen original?

10) How does this book compare with any other Austen retellings/ sequels you might have read?

11) How does it compare with any other Amanda Grange 'diaries' you might have read?

12) Did you enoy the book?

13) Do you like the cover?

14) Do you feel it sets the mood of the book for you?

15) Which cover do you prefer, the hardback or the paperback?

16) Do you like the portrait used on the hardback? Do you think it looks like the hero? Does it give you an interest in going to see the original portrait or make you want to find out more about the sitter?