A List of my Austen-Related Fiction (not all foreign editions are listed)

Darcy's Diary (2005) Pride and Prejudice through the eyes of Mr Darcy

Mr Knightley's Diary (2006) Emma through the eyes of Mr Knightley

Mr. Darcy's Diary (2007) Paperback version of Darcy's Diary

Captain Wentworth's Diary (2007) Persuasion through the eyes of Captain Wentworth

Edmund Bertram's Diary (2007) Mansfield Park through the eyes of Edmund Bertram

Colonel Brandon's Diary (2008) Sense and Sensibility through the eyes of Colonel Brandon

Mr Darcy, Vampyre (2009) Paranormal romance / homage to the English Gothic novel

Loves Me, Loves Me Not (2010) - anthology

A Darcy Christmas (2010) - anthology

Wickham's Diary (2011) A novella concerning the early lives of Mr Wickham and Mr Darcy

Henry Tilney's Diary (2011) Northanger Abbey through the eyes of Henry Tilney

Jane Austen Made Me Do It (2011) - anthology

Pride and Pyramids (2012) A sequel to Pride and Prejudice

Dear Mr. Darcy (2012) A retelling of Pride and Prejudice in epistolary form, beginning with the death of Mr Darcy's father

Le Journal de Mr Darcy (2012) French edition of Mr Darcy's Diary

Le Journal du colonel Brandon (2013) French edition of Colonel Brandon's Diary

Le Journal de Mr Knightley(2013) French edition of Mr Knightley's Diary

Le Journal du capitaine Wentworth(2013) French edition of Captain Wentworth's Diary

Cher Mr Darcy (2013) French edition of Dear Mr Darcy

Il diario di Mr. Darcy (2013) Italian edition of Mr Darcy's Diary

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