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The UK Historical Romance blog. Find out what's new in the world of historical romance in the UK, as well as posts on Regency costume, forthcoming adaptations etc, updated nearly every day.

Historical Romance Blog

And to find out what's new in the world of women's fiction, visit the Women's Fiction Blog

The Regency Ring

A wonderful collection of over a hundred sites dedicated to the Regency period

Regency Ring

Regency Ring
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If you want to find out what's new in the world of Jane Austen, then visit Austenblog, the place for details of books, films, newspaper articles etc with a link to Jane Austen. Click the picture to link.

An interesting selection of Regency prints can be found at

The Regency Page

Probably my all-time favourite resource, this site shows engravings from actual fashion journals of the Regency period. If you love Regency fashion as much as I do, prepare to lose hours (if not days or weeks!) browsing these pages.

The Regency Page

Walking dress with Spencer, 1814

Gillray's 1802 cartoon, Tales of Wonder, which celebrates the Regency love of Gothic novels - press the ivy to link


Jacques Futrelle the mystery writer was on board Titanic when she sank. There is an informative website, including some of his stories, at


Websites with reviews of my books (as well as a lot of other reviews!)


Romance Junkies


Romantic Times

All About Romance

The Romantic Novelists' Association website

Romantic Novelists' Association

The Historical Novel Society website

Historical Novel Society

The historical novel society is a must for anyone interested in historical fiction!

For an annual subscription of £22.50 (but please check this, as from time to time the fee changes) members receive a review magazine 4 times a year, and a magazine called Solander twice a year.

The review magazine contains letters and articles, and reviews about 200 new historical novels in each issue - that's about 800 a year! It's an excellent way of finding out what's new in historical fiction, including historical and Regency romance.

The Solander magazine has in-depth interviews with popular historical novelists such as Bernard Cornwell, and articles on such important figures as Georgette Heyer.

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